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The start date of the production of the only Winery dates back to the early 1930s. In the first years of its establishment, entirely primitive methods (by hand and clay vessels, then reinforced concrete stone storages and later oak barrels) were produced in wine between 1950 and 1960 and the bottling and packaging method was developed and the foundations of the modern modern plant were laid.

Starting in the 1960s, Mehmet erdoğan, the eldest son of erdoğan, and three brothers joined the production. The wines produced and sold in barrels until the beginning of the 1950s were now bottled and packaged in the early 1960s. In these years, brands such as Pirate, imagination, leader, kanver, which were consumed by the consumer with the appreciation of the wines produced as labeled and branded have taken their place in memory. Especially the wines produced under the name of kanver were appreciated by wine lovers in those years.

Between 1965-1975, wine production facilities were developed and capacity was increased and quality wine production became even more important. Between 1975-1980 under the sole brand began to produce vinegar.

Between 1980 and 1995, vinegar production was given great importance. Production of grape vinegar was started in the automatic filling facilities. During this period, the products produced primarily Aegean region distributorship Aytaş Gıda A. ş.Ş Balıkesir distributorship of Izmir Imanoğulları food Marketing, Tekirdağ Volkan Ticaret etc. it is marketed domestically by companies. In addition, the company manufactures its products as a period contract U.S.The seller has the opportunity to export the goods to the named port of destination.

In 1995, Selim erdoğan, one of the third generation members of the erdoğan family, took the lead in the production of vinegar and wine on its own, making the existing facilities suitable for today's conditions and highly modern, and took its place among the wine producers in our country. Approximately 45 regional Distributorships throughout Turkey , Metro Cash&Carry and Biluro Market chains are offered. The company's contribution to the regional economy and the employment it creates has reached an undeniable level with an capacity of 11,275,000 litres/year. Production of the only Winery company wines are in the market with its unique, Kanver, Şahraz, unique Bordeaux, unique Gold, unique Ice shot and by-products.

Today, the owner of the only wine , Selim erdoğan, is aiming to continuously improve wine production, produce better quality wine, make its plants in line with EU standards, and to increase its plant capacity to 20,000,000 litres in the coming years.


As a facility, being always updated, being of high quality and confidential, our aim is to give the product to everybody in the best way, in best circumstances and in very short time.


Our wine production adventure started in the 2000s with 400 tons production capacity, and by increasing its capacity with success and determination, it reached 11,275,000 liters production capacity in 2018.